KONNCEPT, was found on the idea that we all need something to believe in. After the pandemic of 2020 swept through billions of lives on the planet we were all trying to pick up the pieces...and some still are. What was there to do and where could one go? For some everything was lost and for others something was found, birthed, created, or pursued. For us it was all of the above. A thought was transformed from an idea into reality. The thought landed on the page of a notebook, grew legs, and started to walk. Konncept was born. We believe that clothing can inspire joy, and breath life into each and every one of us. Through the cut of a hem, the slip of a dress, or the shape of a shoe. Each item expresses our uniqueness, brings us together, inspires conversation, and most of all puts smiles on our faces.

We aim to connect, and inspire individuals through housing a collective of known and fresh brands that are sure to satisfy the fashion icon in all of us. We also aim to do our part in healing the planet by offering sustainable clothing made from materials that biodegrade back into the earth. Let's face it, if she's happy then so are we. We are more than thrilled for you to join us on this journey of growth and evolution to build back what was once destroyed and looking oh so fine while doing it!


xo - Konncept